Charlotte County Archives Photographs
The Charlotte County Archives Photograph Collection provides access to thousands of our photographs, representing a diverse cross-section of the photographic heritage of our region. From daguerreotypes made in the 1850s through 20th century family albums, artistically composed seascapes to snapshots of pets, Campobello to MacAdam and the St. Croix to the Lepreau, these photographs provide glimpses into the varied ways our communities have seen and remembered the places, people, and events close to them.

The Archives holds over 25,000 photographs in total, of which this collection provides only a sliver. We will be adding more on a regular basis, so check back often!

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Recently Added Items


Residence of Hugh McKay

A pug sits outside of the residence of Hugh McKay in St. Stephen


Buchanan Street [St. Stephen]

Title transcribed from caption in "Souvenir of St. Stephen" (1896)


The Cove, from Ferry Point [St. Stephen]

View from the point at dover Hill, looking towards the Todd residence in St. Stephen

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